Level Up Your Game With Sports Vision Training

Nearly 80% of perceptual input is visual. Sports vision training improves the speed and accuracy of eye tracking abilities and is designed to improve processing speed to help athletes scan, track, and react quickly.

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How It Works

Athletes all across the country are turning to sports vision training to gain a competitive edge over their opposition.

With sports vision training, any athlete can develop into an elite player by improving the essential visual skills needed to make split-second decisions.

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How We Do Sports Vision Therapy

During the assessment process, Dr. Jason Mackay uses the Sensory Station, a state-of-the-art sensory system, to evaluate athletes of all levels on 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. In less than 30 minutes, Dr. Mackay and his team can determine an individual’s strengths and discover opportunities to improve sensory performance.

Visual Clarity

How clearly and individual sees distant details

Depth Perception

How accurately an individual judges two-eyed depth and distance information

Near Far Quickness

How quickly and accurately an individual changes visual attention between near and far distances

Perception Span

How quickly an individual visually acquires critical information

Multiple Object tracking

How accurately an individual can track multiple objects moving at varying speeds

Reaction Time

How quickly an individual’s hands react in response to a visual stimulus

Target Capture

How rapidly an individual visually shifts and recognizes a peripheral target

Eye Hand Coordination

How quickly and accurately an individual makes visually-guided hand responses to rapidly changing targets

How It Works

Dr. Mackay utilizes Senaptec strobes to train the connections between an individual’s eyes, brain and body.

As lenses flicker between clear and opaque, limiting visual information, he’s able to train the athlete to process the world more effectively. Adopted by Elite Athletes
Teams and athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and Olympics are using Senaptec Strobe to improve their skills.

  • Integrate With Existing Drills  – The senaptec strobe can be integrated with many existing ball drills, balance exercises, or agility drills. Train your senses and your body together!
  • Adjustable Modes and difficulty – One of both lenses can be strobing and the strobe rate can be adjusted to provide the specificity of training for your exact needs.
  • Proven Evaluation Tools – Sensory Station measurements are founded on scientific principles and proven through research. The methodology has been used to evaluate youth, professional athletes and even war fighters.
  • Large Comparison Database – Senaptec’s data analytics include comparative databases from youth to professional sports in a wide range of sports and positions. Custom comparisons can be easily made with the Sensory Station.
  • Analysis & Improvement Plan – Senaptec’s proprietary algorithms provide an 18-point analysis report immediately after the evaluation that can be emailed directly. A custom improvement plan is also included based on the report.
  • Training Tools – Senaptec provides training tools for all assessed skills. The tools on the Sensory Station training platform are built as games that are designed to help people improve their sensory performance.