About Us

We Help All Skill Levels In All Sports

At Wasatch Sports Vision, we look at every aspect of vision training to help improve an athletes performance. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology backed by science is crucial to the success of the vision training program. Unlike an exam, sports vision training focuses on improving every aspect of vision and motor abilities.

We work with athletes of all levels, who are looking to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge over the competition. No matter what an athletes skill level, sports vision training leads to better vision and improved performance in sports.

We help young athletes who are looking to improve eye-hand-body coordination and visual motor skills benefit from our training program by building confidence in their abilities.

Benefit #1

What We Do

Dr. Mackay and team will assess the needs of the athlete and develop a customized training program. We work with athletes of different levels of skill to improve visual response times, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision awareness, and more.

Benefit #2

What Makes Us Different

Wasatch Sports Vision training provides an athlete with a custom tailored program for the specific sport. For example, a program created for a tennis player will focus on eye-hand coordination and dynamic visual acuity where a program for a golfer will concentrate more on the visual alignment and depth perception to see the breaks in the greens.

Benefit #1

Dr. Jason Mackay is an optometrist specializing in Sports Vision Training providing innovative sports vision training that incorporates coordinated movement, balance, visual processing, and cognitive skills. He received his training under Dr. David G Kirschen, OD, PhD, FAAO a leading optometrist and pioneer of the sports vision world and Dr. Daniel M. Laby, MD, FAAO, FAAP.

Valuable Experience

While working with Dr. Kirschen and Laby, Dr. Mackay gained valuable knowledge and experience working with athletes of all competitive levels from varying sports. Athletes from organizations such as World series winners the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros, as well as Tampa Bay Rays. Dr. Mackay has helped these athletes gain a competitive advantage by improving their dynamic visual acuity, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, visual tracking and reaction time. He is now here in Utah offering the same elite training he provided in Southern California.