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We Train Athletes Beyond 20/20 Vision

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Sports vision training is specifically created to improve an athletes visual performance.

With the advancement of technology and science, athletes can now incorporate sports vision training as part of their daily routine. Even if an athlete has 20/20 vision, this visual training method will help improve the individuals sports performance, which includes specific visual skills used during competition.

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Binocular Vision

For accurate depth perception, you generally need to have binocular (two-eyed) vision. In a process called convergence, our two eyes see an object from slightly different angles and our brain compares and processes the two sets of information to form a single image.

Eye Tracking

The recording and study of the movements of the eyes in following a moving object, lines of printed text, or other visual stimulus, used as a diagnostic procedure or a means of evaluating and improving the visual presentation of information.

Eye Focusing

For a given setting of an optical system (or a steady state of accommodation of the eye) it is the distance in front and behind the focal point (or retina) over which the image may be focused without causing a sharpness reduction beyond a certain tolerable amount.

Visual Attention

Visual attention (both central and peripheral) – Involves the ability to orient to and sustain focus on a stimulus such as a person or inanimate object or task.

Visual Processing Speed

Visual processing speed (reactive agility) – the amount of time needed to make a correct judgment about a visual stimulus.